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Let’s see 4 tips for holding an outdoor wedding at a Bali villa wedding

A villa with a beautiful view like in a Bali villa wedding can be an option, for those of you who crave an outdoor wedding party. The place in the villa can be transformed to be more beautiful for your wedding. If you are still confused about what to prepare, here are some tips for holding an outdoor wedding to make it more memorable.

Tips for Holding an Outdoor Wedding Party

Prepare Plan B

Even if you dream of an outdoor wedding and already have a special theme, it doesn’t mean that preparations for an indoor wedding should be forgotten. The reason is that the weather is uncertain, it cannot always be guaranteed that it will always be sunny, it could be that in the middle of a rain event, it could suddenly come. You don’t want your wedding dress or invited guests to get wet.

Therefore you need to prepare a plan b to cope with when rain or big winds come. For example, you can hold a ceremony outside, then a reception indoors. Or if both are done outdoors, then you can provide a tent so that the guests don’t get too hot or in the rain.

Guest Comfort

Guest comfort is one very important thing. It’s been a long way from being invited to come to your wedding at a Bali villa wedding, of course these guests have high expectations. To make your party more memorable, adjust the menu that is served to the weather at the time you hold the event.

If you have a party during the summer, then you can serve fresh drinks such as juices or cold desserts like ice. Furthermore, you can also inform the recommended clothes for guests. For example, if you are holding a party near the beach, the choice of clothing can be more relaxed.


Of the many things that need to be prepared for a wedding, decoration is one of the most important elements. One of the advantages of choosing an open space for a wedding party is the beautiful decorations that are around. That way you can save money on decorations, because in open spaces only a handful need to be decorated.

Sound System

Sound systems can be risky at outdoor parties. The reason is that the noise from around could cover the sound from the sound system itself. So the sound system selection needs to be done well, choose equipment that is efficient and effective. However, if you hold an event at a Bali villa wedding, this is not a problem, because the location is private and away from the crowds.

The outdoor wedding you’ve been dreaming of can be had by hosting an event at The Surga Villa Estate. The Surga offers a wedding venue with a very beautiful view, making it suitable as an outdoor wedding venue. In addition, the villas at The Surga are equipped with complete facilities that are ready to entertain you while there.

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